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Data Privacy

In itself, Material for MkDocs theme use for this documentation does not perform any tracking and should adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Moreover, no third-party services are used in this documentation, i.e. it does not use google-fonts, google-analytics, neither Disqus.

Any rendering tools, such as mermaid, tablesort, lightgallery, MathJax, etc. are served locally without using CDN or call to external website. The aims are to :

  • Render the documentation with stable tools (i.e. documentation may not be using latest version of previously mentionned tools),
  • Avoid useless network requests to external CDN,
  • Render the documentation even if the user (like me) has web browser add-on which filter javascript such as uMatrix.

Last update: December 8, 2021
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