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The current documentation you are reading is actually using the custom template Mkdocs Template R.Deville.

This custom template add a lots of things such as :

  • .gitlab-ci.yaml with basic CI file at the root of the repo to later be extended and another CI file to only test and build the documentation,
  • Workflow files definining some syntax rules such as .editorconfig, .yamllint, pyproject.toml (which also define basic test using tox),
  •, a template of README which is automatically updated with the script,
  • mkdocs.yml with more plugins and more configuration than the basic file.
  • A default docs/_data/vars.yaml file,
  • A complete theme using new plugins defined in mkdocs.yml with custom CSS, javascript, images, etc.,
  • A predefined basic docs content,
  • And many more things.

Below is an example of the rendering of the preview of the basic template and the custom template.

Basic Template Preview

Custom Template Preview

Last update: May 6, 2021
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