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Modules are part of direnv_template which run tasks related to a specific environment, for instance module ansible will only execute task related to ansible, etc.

List of exisitng modules

Module Name Description
ansible Setup ansible configuration file and tree architecture
direnv_management Activate the direnv management module
export_var Export arbitrary variables
folders Ensure specified folder exists, if not create them.
go_management Export GO variables to install go modules locally
keepass Setup keepass wrapper script and variable to ease use of keepassxc-cli
kubernetes Export kubernetes variables
molecule Export molecule variables
openstack Export openstack variables for python openstackclient
packer Export packer variables
path_management Update PATH variable with user defined folder
python_management Setup a complete python virtual environment
taskwarrior Setup taskwarrior variable to ease use of taskwarrior
vimrc_local Setup a .vimrc.local file at the root of the directory

Last update: August 22, 2021
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