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Export kubernetes variables


Export variable KUBECONFIG to tell kubernetes where the kube_config file is stored. Export variable KUBE_ENV, useless for kubernetes, only usefull if you use it in your shell prompt.

Parameters in .envrc.ini are:

Name Description
KUBECONFIG Absolute path to a kubernetes kube_config file



Absolute path to a kube_config file, if not set a file kube_config will be searched from the ${DIRENV_ROOT}.

.envrc.ini example

Corresponding entry in .envrc.ini.template are:

# Kubernetes module
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Set Kubernetes environment variable
# Path to a specific kubeconfig file relatively to the root of the direnv. If
# not set, will find for file with kube_config in their name and take the first
# result.

Last update: April 23, 2021
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