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Installation of a directory environment

First thing to do is install required source code into your current folder.

In order to do so, first check the content of the setup script, this can be done with the following command:

# First download setup script in a temporary folder
curl -sSL \
  > /tmp/
# Then review this script with your favorite editor, `vim` here as example
vim /tmp/

Once you understand what the script do, you can execute it from the folder in which you want to setup a directory environment. From here, you have two possibilities:

  • You have downloaded the script somewhere in your computer
# First make it executable
chmod +x /tmp/
# Then simply execute it
  • You did not downloaded the script or you are lazy and do not want to make it executable
# You can setup directory environment in one command
curl -sSL | bash -

This will create a folder .direnv and the file .envrc· in the current directory if they do not exists.

Directory already containing .direnv or .envrc

If you execute previous command in a folder already containing a directory .direnv or a file .envrc, you will see following output:

[WARNING] This folder seems to already be set to use direnv.
[WARNING] Continuing might result in the loss of your configuration
[WARNING] If you want to upgrade your configuration use the option `--upgrade|-u`

From this point, you have to possibilites:

Assuming you are in a git managed directory, you might want to version this base scripts to make the directory environment linked to your repo:

# Add directory environment scripts to your git repo
git add .direnv .envrc
# Commit these scripts
git commit

Last update: April 27, 2021
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