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Update PATH variable with user defined folder


Update PATH variable to include either .direnv/bin and/or user defined folders.

User can specify multiple folder to include to the PATH by specifying a valid PATH syntax, for instance new_path="${DIRENV_ROOT}/path/to/bin:${DIRENV_ROOT}/another/path/to/bin" in .envrc.ini

Export _DIRENV_OLD_PATH to store the PATH before being updated to be able to restore it later.

Parameters in .envrc.ini are:

Name Description
add_direnv_to_path Boolean to tell if .direnv/bin should be added to PATH
new_path Path to folders to be added to PATH



Boolean, if set to true (default), folder .direnv/bin will be added to PATH. It is strongly recommended to let this value to true to be able to use some provided script from other modules such as keepass or openstack modules.


Absolute path to folder containing executable that should be added to PATH. Can be used multiple times to include multiple folders. Value can use contraction such as ~, ${HOME} or ${DIRENV_ROOT}.

.envrc.ini example

Corresponding entry in .envrc.ini.template are:

# Path management module
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Update the variable `PATH`
# Add .direnv/bin to variable `PATH`
# Add specified path to the variable `PATH`


Update PATH to include new folders

Update PATH variable to include either .direnv/bin and/or user defined folders.


  • PATH


Restore PATH to exclude new folders

Restore PATH variable to its previous state and unset variables storing old PATH


  • PATH

Last update: April 23, 2021
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