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Upgrade to the latest version

One of the main purpose of this project is to homogenize directory environment to avoid copy/paste same scripts but with very little adjustments.

In order to do so, the project provide a script to automate the upgrade. The script is installed the first time you activate your directory environment in .direnv/bin/upgrade_direnv. Then, if you do not set variable add_direnv_to_path to false for the direnv_management module (default is true). Folder .direnv/bin is added to your PATH, making the script available from the command line.

The script will clone the last release of the direnv_template project in .direnv/tmp/direnv_project. Then will check which files are differents from those already installed. If they differs, it means that there exist a new version for the script. The script will then make a backup of the existing file next to its previous location, before installing the new version.

Finally, to upgrade the your directory environment, you simply need to activate the directory environment (see above section Activate). Then simply call the upgrade_direnv script:

# Upgrade your directory environment with last version of scripts
upgrade_direnv [options]

Available options for the scripts are:

  • -s,--ssh: Tell the script to clone the latest direnv_template using SSH.
  • -h,--help: Print the usage of the script

Normally, you should see output informing you which files are being upgraded.

Last update: April 27, 2021
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